Photo by Abby Chung on Pexels.com

My name is Teejay. That’s what my friends call me, and I hope we’ll be friends. I fancy myself a writer, and this is the space in which I’ve decided to let that side of me go out and play. You’re welcome here as long as you’re not a total jerk.

This blog exists because of several reasons. First, I wanted a space to hold my writing, I may never be published traditionally but at least somebody can appreciate what I’ve written. Second, I made a resolution to write regularly – not frequently, mind you, but regularly. This blog should be a manifestation of that. And, finally, I originally hosted my blog over on Medium, but because of the paywall that limited who can see my stuff. I didn’t want that, and thus I migrated here.

Does my writing suck? Tell me. I’d love to improve. Disagree with what I said? Tell me. I’d love to engage in (good faith) discourse. Just here to shitpost? Go ahead. Half my own posts are shitposts anyway.