Ironsworn Starforged: The Synergy

Session Moves

Starforged includes session moves that I kind of just skimmed through at the beginning of the last session, so I’m including them here as sort of a ‘bridge’ between that session and this one.

Beginning a New Session

There’s a chance for +1 momentum as as a scene hidden from the character’s perspective takes place, but I can’t imagine what right now, so let’s forget it.


I’m intrigued by Starforged’s new clocks concept, and I think now I have a proper excuse for introducing them into my campaign! Based on what I’ve read, they introduce some form of deadline to the game, and help track progress on something going on in the background of which my character is not aware of (in the case of campaign clocks). I’m thinking I should introduce Rival Clocks – two clocks working against each other. One will track the Cult’s movement – it’s impossible that they see Keith and not do anything about it. The other will track The Dust Runners as they try to uncover the Cult.

Below are the clocks as they stand at the end of the adventure:

Location Building

Now on to the location in which Keith is about to venture into. The Runners say the wreck of The Synergy was where they’ve been looting weapons from, and I hardly think Keith (or the upstanding folk of Paragon Stand) are the only ones looting weapons from the place. We might encounter Cultists, other looters, remnants of technology or even spooky things, no thanks to the White Dwarf (remember, White Dwarves were found to emanate spooky things in their light). The location building in Starforged is a bit different than the tools available in Delve, but I think we can mosey along just fine as normal. We set the rank of the location to be Extreme, a bit higher than the Quest rank. We’ve also added some Arrays (which, in all honesty, are just tables you roll on to find out which table to roll on) to help flesh the place out as well as add some encounters as necessary.

And Away We Go!

I feel that Keith would be told the location of the wreck, so he doesn’t have to waste time trying to find the d’ast place, but as we’ve established Sanadris is dangerous, so we could begin the session with the move:

Nice. Keith dons his environment suit and steps out of the speeder. The Synergy is buried in the middle of a large desert, nose deep in the sand. It’s seen better days, clearly. Large patches of corrosion dot the hull, several gaping holes like sores open out into the atmosphere, and pieces of wreckage litter the surroundings up to a kilometre away from the wreck proper. Keith makes his way to the derelict spacecraft, trying to find a way in. And now we make the Undertake an Expedition move, as he’s trying to ‘survey a mysterious site’.

A Major project at the Synergy? Sounds like someone is building some sort of permanent base or stockpile so they can have easier access to the weapons and/or tech. Damn. Keith wouldn’t know if they look hostile or not. Maybe he can talk to them?

“Hello!” Keith calls out, hands up. Obviously the people building the outpost train their guns on him. “I’m Ironsworn!” Keith calls out, flashing his token. “I’m with Paragon Stand. What about you guys?”

If they’re hostile to either party, they’ll attack, but allies might want more information. So…what do they do, is the thing I’m asking?

So they’re not hostile, but I gotta remember Keith is still in danger. Probably not from them, of course, but something else.

A voice calls from behind the armed men. Keith is astonished to see someone walking around in just plain clothes in this corrosive atmosphere, but his astonishment stops when he sees the man’s skin – at first glance appearing to be mottled, Keith realises soon the man is a Mutant, having developed what appears to be chitinous armor all over his skin.

“Hey! You listening?” the mutant calls out. Keith waves, but the mutant and his men just keep shouting. With horror he realises what they’ve been shouting:

“Run! Behind you!”

Without turning Keith breaks into a sprint. He hears something roar behind him, and the sound of something bursting from the planet surface, of sand being thrown unceremoniously from the ground and falling back down hard. He glances at the people ahead and suddenly notices they have been making a large platform, avoiding the ground. Whatever is behind him must be the reason. The men with arms lift their guns and are about to start shooting, but Keith thinks (hopes) they don’t mean to blast him.

Oh man, poor guy cannot catch a break. What is it that’s chasing him?

Blaster fire erupts – from behind him? Keith wonders who is it that he’s missed. He turns around, takes one glance, and pumps his arms and legs faster. “Oh d’ast!”

Erupting from the sand was something that Keith could only describe as a whale sized centipede, with several long filaments protruding from its head. Standing atop it, like tiny dolls from his point of view, were several other people with guns, firing them at him. Their exosuits were different from his and from the men on the platform, and Keith has the sense that maybe these guys were from Dreadspire. The fact that the guys on the platform are already shooting helps with that idea.

The cult is on the move. That means a clock advanced without us knowing…

Keith realises he can’t make the platform in time. He has to make a stand right where he is. Hoping there aren’t more of the d’ast centipede things, he draws his gun, turns and fires back.

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